‘Liquidity of the money’ ,The Economy in Japan is in need now

Currently, there exists a personal financial assets of more than 1500 trillion Japanese Yen in Japan.

On the other hand,there is a reality that ‘Liquidity of the money'(It likes to “Poor circulation”) is missing in Japan.

That “some ideas, but have no money.”
such as the Entrepreneur of the Silicon Valley are invested seed money by Angels,Venture Capitals,and etc.

Eco System(Flow of sound money, capitalist based on democracy) is not also formed culture such as that investment from the seed stage

(As a society whole Even though rich),
Entrepreneurship rate is small enough rare in the world,

On the results, one of the few countries that went out of business rate exceeds the entrepreneurial rate
and contented with that reality is lying.

By the way, Japan is also a major economic power of the current world’s third largest country.
But, Germany boasts a GDP of the world’s fourth place,
It achieved a fiscal surplus (In the case of Japan,over one thousand trillion yen
Budget deficit), also in relation to GDP, and a line graph
to see as long as, whether not to close the day to be overtaken by Germany
Seem. (If Japan has been overtaken by Germany,
For Japan, after achieving high economic growth,
Japan will be overtaken by other countries less of the population in GDP,the first time)

To be continued.